Alabama AER Election Results for 2017 and Information about Officers and Board Members

The AER Board and membership extends its congratulations to the persons below who have been elected or appointed to serve as an officer or board member. The terms for the newly elected officers and board members began with their installation at the 34thAnnual Training Conference, Eufaula, Alabama. Congratulations to all who are willing to serve Alabama AER!

For point of clarification a number of AER officer and board resignations occurred in 2016. Jennifer Stephens a long time Board Member resigned as AER President in 2016. Lenore Dillon was elected as a Board Member for a three year term in 2015 and was elected as President-Elect in 2016. Lenore will serve her term as President from October 2016 thru October 2018. The AER board appointed Dr. Steve Sullivan to the board position vacated as a result of Lenoreís election as President-Elect. During the 2017 election cycle (May for Nominations & June for Voting) Dr. Steve Sullivan was elected as President-Elect. Steve was appointed to complete the board position term resulting from Lenoreís election as President-Elect. The AER Board unanimously appointed Lori Brady to fill this one year term ending in 2018, as a result of Steveís election as President-Elect. Dr. Dawn DeCarlo resigned her board position in the summer of 2017 and the AER Board unanimously appointed Susan Harrell to fill this one year term ending in 2018. We appreciate the willingness of board members Lori Brady and Susan Harrell to continue to serve on the Alabama AER Board. We welcome Dr. Yevette Pearce and Jack Harrison as newly elected board members.

The May-June 2018 election cycle will be a critical for the Alabama AER Chapter as the following five officer and board member positions will be up for nominations and election. Caitlin Simpson as Past President serves as the Nominations and Elections Chairperson.

Board Member
Board Member

Information About Officers and Board Members

President 2016-2018, Lenore Dillon: Lenore works as Coordinator of Vision Rehabilitation Therapists and Orientation and Mobility Specialists for the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services. Lenore has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of Rehabilitation Teaching. Her experiences include both direct service provision (itinerant and center-based), administration of Rehabilitation Teaching Programs, and serving as an instructor at a university preparation program. Lenore received her Bachelorís Degree in Rehabilitation Teaching from Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida in 1976. She served as both an Itinerant Rehabilitation Teacher and as a center-based Rehabilitation Teacher in Indiana from 1976-1979. From 1979-1984 her center-based experience wasas a Personal Management Instructor at Bosma Rehabilitation Center in Indianapolis. She spent 14 years as the Director of Indianaís Itinerant Rehabilitation Teaching Program, 1984-1997. During this time she received her Masterís Degree in Rehabilitation Administration from DePaul University, Chicago, IL in 1992. Lenore served as a faculty instructor, 1997-1998, working with students that were earning a Masterís Degree in Rehabilitation Teaching at Northern Illinois University. She also spent two and a half years as an associate professor at Korea Nazarene University in Chonan City, South Korea (2002-2005).

President-Elect 2017-2018 Steve Sullivan, Ph.D. Dr. Stephen M. Sullivan was born on April 6, 1967 in Mobile, Alabama to Eugene and Sylvia Sullivan. In 1990, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education with a certification in Mental Retardation (K-12) from the University of South Alabama. In 2007, Stephen received a Master's of Science degree in Instructional Design and Development form the University of South Alabama, and in 2016 received his PhD. in Instructional Design and Development also from the University of South Alabama in 2016. Stephen has worked as a case manager, self-contained classroom teacher, and is currently employed at the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind Regional Center in Mobile as a Project Director/Adaptive Technology Specialist. For more than 23 years, Stephen has provided direct services related to education and technology (demonstration, assessment, recommendation, instruction, job placement, technical support, and others) center based, at work, at home, and at school to people who are vision impaired or blind in the state of Alabama. Stephen has presented locally, statewide (AER, NFB, ACB) and at international conferences (ATIA, Council for Exceptional Children, and others) regarding strategies and technology as they relate to services for people who are vision impaired and/or blind.

Stephen has been a member of AER since 1994. He has served the Alabama Chapter as a board member and newsletter editor. He also attended the AER, Alabama Chapter, Leadership Training Institute in 2008. Stephen currently resides in Mobile, Alabama with his wife Staci, and their four children, Phillip, Lauren, George, and Vann.

Past-President 2016-2018, Caitlin Simpson: Caitlin works as a Certified Orientation and Mobility Instructor for the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services in the Huntsville office. She received her undergraduate degree in English from the University of Alabama. She completed a masterís degree at Florida State University, double majoring in Rehabilitation Teaching and Orientation and Mobility. Her internship was completed at E.H. Gentry and in the Gadsden ADRS office. She worked for five years in the Mobile area as an O&M instructor, and then transferred to Huntsville where she has served the mobility needs of north Alabama for the past four years.

Secretary 2016-2018, Julia Brock: Julie is retired from the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services with over 29 years of service and is currently a consultant with the American Foundation for the Blind and also with Disability Rights and Resources of Greater Birmingham. She earned the Bachelor of Science from Jacksonville State University and the Master of Arts from the University of Alabama. She is a Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist and a longtime member of AER.

Treasurer 2016-2018, Joe Helm: Joe retired from his position of Assistant Commissioner with the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services in April 2014. He currently serves as a consultant and trainer for various organizations and serves as an administrative surveyor for CARF the Accreditation Commission for Rehabilitation Facilities. Joe has served as AER Treasurer since July of 2012, filling the unexpired term vacated by the unexpected passing of Rod Harrell. He was elected to serve a treasurer in 2014-2016, and was reelected to serve a two year term from 2016-2018. Joe has served the Alabama Chapter as President-Elect, President,Past President and Treasurer. Additionally Joe served as the District V representative to the AER International Board 2008-2010.

Board Member 2015-2018, Lori Brady: Lori works as the Director of Alabamaís Business Enterprise Program a joint service program with the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services and the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind. Previously she worked as a BEP Representative for 27 years and has been associated with and or a member of AER all of those years. Lori earned her B.S. degree from Auburn University. She is a member of Randolph Sheppard Vendors of America, the Pike County Cattlewomen Association. Lori and her husband Tim have been married for 27 years and they have one son, Justin.

Board Member 2015-2018, Susan Harrell: Susan is retired from the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services were she was employed as a Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, serving persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, and blind. Susan served in this capacity for 16 years. Susan joined AER in 1999 and since that time she has served on the Alabama Chapter of AER Board of Directors for the past eight years in the capacities of Board Member, President-Elect, President, and Past-President.

Board Member 2016-2019, Dana Barber: Dana serves as the State Coordinator of blind Services with the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services (ADRS) Ė vocational Rehab. She is formerly an Employment Specialist and Vision Rehabilitation Therapist with ADRS and the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind (AIDB). Danaís primary goal is to ensure that Alabamians with vision loss are treated with respect and dignity when receiving rehabilitation services resulting in independence and employment. Dana has an AA degree from Central Alabama Community college, a BS in Management of Human Resources from Faulkner University in Montgomery, and a Masterís degree in Rehabilitation counseling from Auburn University. Dana and her husband Phillip have been married for 36 years and they have two daughters, April Riddle and Heidi Lee, and 3 grandchildren, Blair and Hadley Riddle and Barrett Lee.

Board Member 2016-2019, Melody Brown: Melody has worked for AIDB since 2005, as the Orientation & Mobility Instructor at the Helen Keller School of Alabama. Melody graduated from Florida State University earning a Masterís degree in Visual Disabilities with specializations in Rehabilitation Teaching and Orientation and Mobility. Melody has also served clients in ADRSís Vocational Rehabilitation and OASIS programs. Melody has used her experiences to teach at SOMA and other regional conferences,the most recent being the Alabama Department of Public Health, Are You Ready?EmergencyPreparedness Training. Melody completed a two year term as the District V Representative for AER International.As an AER member she has worked on fund raising, university program review, personnel preparation, recruitment, and membership. Melodyís most recent project is participating on a statewide committee to develop standards and guidelines for hiring and educating TVIs and O&Ms in Alabama. Her professional passion is teaching people how to teach people, in line with their respective gifting and goals.

Board Member 2018-2020, Dr. Yevette Pearce serves as the Director of Student and General Services, Adult Education, and Business Enterprise Program (BEP) at the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind, E.H. Gentry. While working in the Residence Life Department at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, Yevette earned her Bachelor's in Business/HumanResources Management and Master's Degree in Counseling.In 1993, she moved back to her hometown of Coldwater, Alabama and began working in the Student Development Department at the Alabama School for the Deaf. In 1999, she began a supervisory position at ASD and completed her Master's in Public Administration from Jacksonville State University that same year. In 2010, Yevette earned a Doctorate in Deaf Education from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.Yevette is a member of the Optimist Club of Talladega the American Council of the Blind (ACB) Alabama Chapter, and serves as the Treasurer for the Alabama Adult Education Director's Association.

Board Member 2018-2020, Jack Harrison:

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